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House Crab & Shrimp Boil Seasoning

House Scandinavian Salmon Rub

House Seafood Bayou Blackening Spice

House Seafood Bombay Blast

House Seafood Smoky BBQ Fish Rub

House Spanish Fish Rub

House Tuscan Seafood Sprinkle

House Yin Yang Asian Seafood Sprinkle

King Street Blues Rib & Butt Rub

On Top Of It All Dry Rub

Rocklands Blackening Spice

Rocklands Malt Salt



2 months ago

Ashman Manufacturing Co.
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2 months ago

Ashman Manufacturing Co.

Even the Queen has had Edwards Ham!We recovered some history of ours we'd like to share. It's a letter from Colonial Williamsburg.

Back in October 1957, Queen Elizabeth II visited Jamestown to mark the 350th anniversary of the nation's first permanent English settlement. We were honored to have our Virginia Country Hams served during her ceremonial visit to Colonial Williamsburg. The letter reads:

"Dear Mr. Edwards,

I know that Mr. Kief and Mr. Griffin have expressed their appreciation for your help in providing us high quality Virginia Hams which we used at the dinner honoring Queen Elizabeth II.

In spite of the fact that the menu listed your ham as Smithfield Ham, it was only done so as a concession to custom and you and I, of course, know where the credit for the production of such hams as yours belongs.

Thanks again for all your cooperation in the past and I hope that we will have many more such events at which we can feature your Virginia Hams.

George Fauerbach, Director of Restaurant Operations"
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